So, its been a hot minute...

#letsmakethekitchengreatagain #saturdaynighttestkitchen

So… I said I was going to be more Visible on the Blog side. I haven’t been. I am sorry. I will try to make up for it. At least once a week, I am going to try and post on here. Tell you all what’s up ( if you want to read about it ) and maybe get into some details on things I am working on.

So, I said I would get into what I was talking about with the Taco Post and a week off. I have had a few conversations recently with other people on the Blog Scene and Instagram about a few things that “I am doing wrong” and “what I should be doing”. Don’t get me wrong, I ask for criticism on a lot of things. But I ask. I don’t expect to be told by people how to do something I am having fun with. I want everyone to know, I started my Website as a Digital Cookbook for my kids, when they get older. This was for fun. I don’t do it for the followers, or the likes, or the comments.

What I wanted to do was create a website that people could come to and get right to the point. Not a story about how I was 10 and at the swimmin hole I thought about how to make Gnocchi easier for someone at home. A simple “this is what I think, and here’s how its done!”… that’s what I want to give you. Easy for on the phone access and simple ingredients. It doesn’t take a pro to do what I do. Hell, none of us on here should be preaching that. There is no reason for Expensive Ingredients or long winded explanations. Keep it simple. Mom and Dads Cooking was always the best growing up. It was simple. Lets keep it that way.

I am not saying keep it boring. Simple. Something you can remember. My kids love my Carbonara. And Pancakes. And Korean Beef Bowls. I can bang those off in less than 20 min. Less than Two hands worth of Ingredients. This is what I want to show people. Cooking is easy. Cooking is simple. Cooking IS GREAT. I want to Make the Kitchen Great Again.

Help me do it. If you read this, use the hashtag. Use both of them. Help me make this a movement. I want you all to feel comfortable in the Kitchen. Feel at home. Feel happy. Cause that’s the way I feel when I get in to it. It’s how I write the recipes. Keep it simple.

What do you think? Give me some feed back. Give me some ideas. This is what I am doing. This is who I am. I hope you accept it. I hope you love it. I hope you live it.